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The 2024 Moon + Cycle Tracker is now available. This unique offering is a blend between a traditional lunar cycle calendar and intended to be used as a physical menstrual tracker. Simply colour in the moons of your bleed with a red or burgundy pencil to keep track of this year's inner cycles. Read more about it through the button below.

Moon Calendar

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Vero Coya is a french Canadian artist, singer, freelance illustrator, handpoked tattooist and occasional muralist. She currently resides in regional Victoria, Australia with her husband and fellow Innative collective co-founder Hazel Mandala (www.hazelmandala.com). 

Learn more about Vero on the about page.

Learn with Vero.

With over 8 years of experience in being a profitable creative, join Vero as she expands her voice into teaching what she knows. Her aim is to empower others to find confidence in their own artistic paths.

Vero's first ever self-paced online course "Digital Drawing Basics" teaches the audience on how to use the fundamentals of the iOS app Procreate and takes them on a philosophical journey into Vero's experiences and tips for the modern creative.

Touching on topics such as finding your style, monetising your work, tapping into creativity, the pros and cons of digital mediums, sharing online and more. This is intended as a "cheat sheet" for any budding creatives curious about expanding their artistic potential.

It's essentially everything Vero would have liked to learn from a fellow experienced creative a few years ago when just starting out.

Since 2019, Vero has been helping small businesses and creatives bring their branding to life with custom illustrations such as logos, product labels, podcast cover artwork, book covers, music album art + more. To view the full gallery, click here. To purchase a pre-drawn logo design, check out the available Logo Tokens.