Mexican Daydream

Mexican Daydream

After months in limbo - we made it. A leap of faith laced with risk; we jumped. Trusting in higher forces, praying as the airport assistant reads artful, imaginary papers - heart skips beat - we made it.

In that instant, the physical domain of the matrix’s grip loosens just a little bit. The direct line between us and Spirit shines through, winking with it’s generosity - beckoning to be acknowledged as the one true force. That these imposing men in suits are nothing but mere forgery, much like what it took to escape their unyielding grip. Play their own game, and beat them with a smile. Beat them with love in your heart. Beat them with the hugs you share in reuniting with your loved ones.

And now we sip coffees and margaritas, dousing our minds with colours and tastes. Like a portal to another universe, it’s taken us nearly a month to shake the imposed grey, slumping gloom that western culture thrusts unto its citizens. Here it is smiling faces, maskless in their beauty and suddenly - we are no longer the minority. As if there is a correlation with joy and sovereignty. With joie de vivre and dignity. Of course there is.

So now we rest and dream, gathering courage for the next leap. Leaning into the mystery.


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