Vero is a french Canadian artist, singer, freelance illustrator, handpoked tattooist and occasional muralist. She currently resides in regional Victoria, Australia with her husband and fellow Innative collective co-founder Hazel Mandala ( She is a Pisces rising, Sagittarius sun + Aries moon in traditional astrology and Yellow Spectral Star in the mayan dreamspell.

Having spent one year in traditional visual art and design studies in 2012, she has since found her unique art voice through experimentation and play through different mediums and her own rhythm. She creates from a colourful space that exists within her visions, emotionality and psychic perception. Drawing heavily from plants + nature, her familiar imagery and creative colour combinations invites the viewer to step into her comforting world. Weaving a dream, her hand is intuitive and playful as she expresses her being through various angles.

She has amassed a growing community of international supporters and has quickly expanded into doing freelance logo and branding illustration. She offers merchandise and various offerings of her art such as original pantings, prints, clothing, stained glass and pottery. If you would like to stay in tune with her regularly, find her on instagram here + listen to her first produced single - Elders.