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Logo Token : Silver - 002

Logo Token : Silver - 002

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What is a Logo Token?

Acquiring a logo token means you are purchasing the full artistic rights to a specific pre-drawn logo design. There is only one of each design available, so each illustration is unique and entirely yours to use for your personal branding. You, as the owner, retain all rights to the logo to be used in any way.

This approach simplifies the branding process by saving time and lets you choose a design that resonates with you from the get go. There are a few options to choose from when choosing a logo token, so have a read through this PDF to find out more about the different pricing tiers.

Pricing Options

The Logo Tokens are based on their complexity and uniqueness. There are two kinds — Silver and Gold.

Illustrations that are more simple and less complex will be labelled as Silver, and designs that are a little more illustrative, tell a story and are more unique will be labelled as Gold.

Whichever option you choose, you will also have to decide if you would like Option 1 or  Option 2.

Option 1 means the design comes “as is” with 1-3 colour options of your choice. Option 2 includes 3 edits if you would like to make any changes to the design itself. I will be in touch after your purchase to discuss your requested changes.

If you would like Option 2 - please select the "add-on" in the dropdown menu to include it in your cart.

Once purchased, I will be in touch to discuss your colour options and provide you with your files. for option 1, you can expect to have all of your files within 3-7 business days and 7-14 business days for Option 2. It depends on the speed and clarity in our communication when choosing your colours and/or edits. 

Tokens will be updated every few weeks. If you don’t see one that’s quite the right fit, keep an eye for future designs. Feel free to get in touch to offer imagery suggestions as I am always open to inspiration! 

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