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2024 Moon + Cycle Tracker

2024 Moon + Cycle Tracker

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After being so warmly received last year, I’ve decided to create another moon and cycle tracker for 2024. This time printed on a lush, textured 220gsm paper. 

This calendar is more than a way to track the lunar cycles, it is also a menstrual tracker. Please find yourself a nice red pencil to keep near your calendar to colour in the dates of your bleed. I’ve really enjoyed tracking physically rather than through an app — and seeing the pattern visually represented by the red moons at the end of the year is a nice way to reflect on all of the growth. After all, as women our bodies directly reflect the moon’s changing phases, energy and 28 day cycle (regardless of how long or short your personal on is). We have more in common with the lunar nature than we’ve traditionally been taught. 

I would like to acknowledge and give full credit for the idea to use a moon calendar as a cycle tracker to Marilyn Matthews of Studio Marilyn. Check out her beautiful work and website here.  

This year, I’ve decided to offer two sizes. The cost of production is almost identical so there’s not a huge savings, but if you have a smaller space or simply want a smaller calendar then the option for A4 is there as well as A3. 

* I recommend buying a nice new pencil in the perfect shade of red or burgundy to keep next to your calendar, so that when you colour in your moons they are all uniform.

* Please note that this calendar was created in UTC standard time. Because I have an international audience, this is the best option to cover most time zones equally. I recommend checking in with your local area for exact transits and times. 

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